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One million years ago I made my stage debut in a black leotard and tutu at the local library talent show. Oddly enough, my “talent” (one can only use the term loosely) was to dance. Actually, it was to whirl around in a circle so seriously and passionately to an LP playing some pop-classical piece that no one quite knew how to respond when I made my big finish. I was what, 5? (I hope.) I got a certificate for participating and was gingerly ushered out the door.

Other amateur productions included front porch shows that my mother swears happen but that I have no memory of, and the ongoing drama of everyday life growing as a drama queen in a large family of drama queens.

My first “real” theatre debut was in a parrot-print dress at age 11. I think that explains just about everything.

{Highland Theatre Company was our high school theatre group. During my class’s years with the company, it reached a high point in creative development and reputation. We were lucky to have a phenomenally talented class and wonderful directors.

Main Square Players was a community theatre troupe led by the tempestuously talented Gregg Ladd, assisted by the eminently lovable “Chuckles.” These shows in Chicagoland suburb Highland, Indiana drew crowds of 2,000-5,000 people per performance.}

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