Individual voice lessons

November 22, 2008

1978 – present, off and on. My greatest teacher has been Jeduthun Hughes, who introduced me not just to Richard Miller’s vocal pedagogy but to the integration of body-mind-spirit in vocal training. I studied under several Associate Instructors through Indiana University’s School of Music in the early 1990s. In my one-year stint at Indiana University’s top-ranked music school (is it possible to breathe among so many divas?), I studied with Norman Phillips, 1986-87. Earlier voice teachers included the excellent Trish ___, Pamela Guenzler/DeBoer, and a variety of others. 

My favorite teacher was my first, a 30-something woman who took me under her wing when I was 11. We sang Muppet songs and pieces by the Beatles (I still love Eleanor Rigby). Unlike most of the instructors I had in my formative years, this teacher taught pieces appropriate to my age and physical development. The exact opposite was found in Betty Lou (I won’t say her last name), who had me doing Mozart’s Alleluia at age 13. She loved vocal pyrotechnics and took credit for anything I produced. Her own ego was more important than what was best for my physical and creative development. That taught me a lot. Later. (Yes, still bitter. ;-))