Acting classes

November 22, 2008

2002-present. Multiple classes with “I Too Cool” Mr Richard Perez, Artistic Director of the Bloomington Playwrights Project. My most recent class was an “intro to Method.” I yelled “Stellaaa!” more times than I can count (not in Rich’s hearing). What was my motivation, anyway?

Rich has guest directed at Arizona State University and at the Kennedy Center as part of New Vision/New Voices. Rich has taught acting and improvisation for the National Actor’s Theatre in New York City, at Arizona State University, for Theatre Sports New York, Indiana University and the BPP.

His teaching method is minimalist and pithy. For example, watching two actors go through the motions onstage, he’ll pull one aside and whisper a new stage direction in her ear. When played, that immediately triggers a more authentic performance from both the first actor and her partner. Plus it’s just fun.