Creative doldrums

July 8, 2012

It’s summer, everyone’s traveling, the heat is causing us to hide like bugs under nice cool rocks, and I’m at a low ebb. Kaia is on hiatus for another week and then we’ll be frantically prepping for our Third Street Park gig on the 19th. Can’t wait.

I’ve been thinking a lot about songwriting lately. Especially songwriting when you don’t have to do it. I try to think about the times when I’m deep in writing mode and it’s usually an obsessive passion that grabs hold of the nape of my neck and forces me to engage fully until the work is complete. But I go long periods without this passion and I feel like a dried up old husk of a woman, waiting for rain.

How do professional writers do it? Do they just set down every day and work on something, anything, just to keep the creative muscles flexed? Or do they just inherently have a lot to say?

I am sooo thankful for the meds that keep me calmer than days past but I swear they numb my creativity. I used to be a much more interesting person. I used to do interesting things, interact with interesting people, and tell interesting stories. Now all I do is work and water my plants. Not much fodder for creative genius here.

Someone’s trying to get a circle sing set up with Janiece and Nell is long overdue for a trip down here. I need something. When Kaia comes back, I have nothing for us to do except finesse songs that have long been in our repertoire. Nothing new happening.

How boring! See, I bore myself! Can’t imagine what I’m doing to you. Shutting up now.