Laima’s Hymn

November 22, 2008

SSA with soprano descant. Melody: Russian folksong “The Pear Tree.” English lyrics inspired by Latvian dainas in honor of Laima, daughter of the Sun. 3/4 time but not a waltz; gentle and very lovely. About a spiritual journey: at first Laima seems to have disappeared, but then the singer realizes She’s been there all along.

Ah, Thou Night

November 22, 2008

SSA. Russian folksong probably written around 1900. Sad song about a woman who is an orphan, all alone in the world except for her love, but alas they don’t get along very well. Slavic love angst! Russian transliteration.

Letyat Utki

November 22, 2008

C Major

3-part with soprano descant. I got my copy from a woman who sang with Libana. Arrangement by Ethel Raim. Traditional Russian folksong, sad, “I’m waiting for my love and where is he” sort of thing (i.e. “traditional Russian folksong”).