SoM opening night!

December 23, 2009

Woot! Just home from an exhilarating opening night of Sound of Music. While the show was fun, the best part was the audience! We could feel the warmth and appreciation even through the downstage monitor speakers. Everyone was upbeat and happy, givin’ it all back to this loving crowd. Backstage, we kept crying out, “We love this audience!”

Mother Abbess gave all her nuns yellow roses for the opening, and Esther, our indomitable choreographer, left us pink carnations with a wonderful note. Phillippa, our sister nun, gave each of us three teeny plastic flying nuns that look like they have superpowers. Well, let’s face it, if you were both a nun and a being capable of flying, you’d have to be a superhero!

I remain terrified of the runway (the 3′ wide arc that reaches out beyond the stage) but have determined to conquer my terror sometime before the show is over.

This show has given me so many reasons to think of my Aunt Dolores, who died several years ago. She was Sister Dolores Marie McLaughlin and she was an inspiration and a friend.

She would have loved to have known that I was playing a nun again (I played Maria in high school). If only there were some way to make these things happen faster in life, so that so many who have passed beyond the Veil could still take part—in a corporeal way!

I think of my grandparents and certain aunts and uncles, imagining what it would be like to have them in the audience. It would be such a joy.

With family so far away (or so dead!), I rely primarily on friends to fill that emotional need for someone in the audience to connect with. When they are able to come, there’s no easy way to link up with them afterwards—the Bus-Chum has no green room.

I think it’s so important to have a way to link back up with the audience after a show. They are often hungry to close the loop and give back some love with compliments and kudos. And then you shine it right back with thanks, and it all becomes a big love fest!

The theme of this post seems to be all about love and longing, doesn’t it? I believe Four Things In The World, and one of them is that “love is the best thing.” Take it as you will, but I believe, love is the best thing. May you find it and keep it with you and yours.

Speaking of SoM…

November 18, 2009

The world of Sound of Music is sunnier than my last depressed post about it. It’s definitely challenging to be back in a musical theatre environment but that’s a really good thing. Rebecca and I continue to finesse the music. The directors are outstanding. The talent is phenomenal. I can indeed do the Sign of the Cross without bursting into flame. Things are looking up.

What’s cracking me up is I have the Gaudeamus in my head all day, every day. Hey, it’s a 24-hour nun-fest! It’s so dramatic and over the top. I love it. I keep picturing these nuns popping up out of the shrubbery and belting, “Gaudeamus!!” at the most inappropriate moments.

“You are sixteen going on—” “Gaudeamus!!! Gaudeamus!!!”

It cracks me up.

The Sound of Music

November 23, 2008

Maria (as in “How do you solve a problem like”). Highland Theatre Company. Probably the only wedding dress I’ll ever wear. Certainly the only nun’s habit.