Vocal workshops

November 22, 2008

1990s-present. Wide variety of vocal workshops, including those offered through the Lotus World Music Festival (Moira SmileyTim EriksenAsia Pacific Performers Exchange, etc) and the National Women’s Music Festival (Kay Gardner, Margot Adler, Ysaye M. Barnwell). In 2005, I attended a lovely women’s retreat/singing workshop with Sue and Marytha of Libana, with a follow-up Balkan singing workshop they created specifically for Kaia.

I always take a handheld digital recorder with me to workshops to capture cool songs, teaching tips, or ideas that come to me mid-stream. Workshops are a fantastic way to learn a large number of songs in a low-pressure environment. For me, they inevitably lead to hours of Web surfing (especially YouTube and Wikipedia) to find out ever more about the topic.

Letyat Utki

November 22, 2008

C Major

3-part with soprano descant. I got my copy from a woman who sang with Libana. Arrangement by Ethel Raim. Traditional Russian folksong, sad, “I’m waiting for my love and where is he” sort of thing (i.e. “traditional Russian folksong”).