Takin’ it to the streets

October 13, 2012

…or “school,” as may be.

I am so excited, I’ve been invited to work with a group of kids (probably all girls) at Harmony School who want to do some a cappella music and have a Glee experience. I’d be working with the fabulous and talented Kathy Boone, who has a selection of songs picked out, most of which I don’t know (new music! yay!). One of the pieces is Bring Me Little Water, Sylvy and I’ve thought of some super-simple body percussion the girls could do. (If I can do it, surely they can!) We’d rehearse Nov-Dec, with a performance on Friday, 21 December.

My brain teeming with ideas for things we could do, most of which are probably too advanced, so I’m really looking forward to meeting with Kathy and brainstorming some ideas. I may be meeting with them up to three times a week, which would be so exhilarating. Have I mentioned I’m excited about this?? Can’t wait to see how it all plays out.