Kaia at Farmers’ Market

April 5, 2009

Kaia got to kick off this season’s Farmers’ Market yesterday with an hour-long set. It’s the longest we’ve sung so far with this group (no break) and I think we did pretty well. 

Parks & Rec must have gotten new equipment or else they configured it really well. It was the best sound we’ve had so far (usually we can’t hear ourselves in the open air). Of course, we still over-sang! My lower register was just about gone by the time we finished.

We did a pretty good job, especially since we could hear the cloggers just down the way and we had the usual distractions of lots to look at and conversations to overhear.

The crowd response to “Death Came a-Knockin‘” and “Not One More Day” was terrific — the biggest got during the show. “The Farmer” was also a favorite, as usual. Also as usual, the slow songs lost the crowd. I made the mistake of putting 3 lullabies together, which dissipated the crowd almost entirely.

Probably my favorite part of the show was seeing 5-year-old Goddessdaughter #1 singing and clapping along with “Maquerúle,” which is no mean feat, considering the rhythmic complexities!

We’re building up our stamina in hopes of being asked to do Lotus, at which we’d do a 75-minute set — yikes! Big yikes, considering most of our songs are about 2 minutes long. It’s a big repertoire and each piece needs to be finessed mucho. I’m hoping to find out in a week or so about Lotus. Cross your fingers.

We sold a number of CDs and brought in over $100 in sales and donations! I love Bloomington. People can be so generous. It was a beautiful day, the kettle corn was right behind us, we remembered most of the words, and we had a great time. Who could ask for more?