Memorizing Krista

September 3, 2010

Kaia will be performing at Krista Detor‘s CD release party on Saturday, 11 Sept at the Bus-Chum. We’ll be doing some choral and individual work on Krista’s gorgeous Clock of the World piece.

And then there’s the other piece. The piece that just Lara and I are singing on—Middle of a Breakdown. “And I need a cuppa coffee and a cigarette” is going through my mind constantly. Unfortunately, the rest of the chorus doesn’t. It’s taking me forever to memorize my lines. And tomorrow we add…dance moves! Let’s hope it’s a simple case of jazz hands.

But, really, folks, I think these meds I’m on are messin’ with ma brain. I’ve noticed it in Kaia, that it’s harder to memorize things. And it’s certainly cut down on my creativity in all areas of life, including work.

I tell this to my shrink each time I see her and she dutifully notes it in her log and changes nothing else.

I have a proposal in for a gig that, if I get it, will take up every spare minute of September. September, the month of Lotus. September, the month of my business’ anniversary. September, the month during which I’m taking an intensive teleclass. Wheee! It’s a good thing I’m desperate for cash, otherwise my life would be dead boring.

And I need a cuppa coffee and a cigarette…