October 13, 2009

This morning I got to do a mostly spontaneous performance of our kids music repertoire with Lara and Kid Kazooey. We were at First United Methodist Church and played for the preschoolers there. It was a lot of fun. Only four songs in a half hour (short-n-sweet!) and lots of Lara energy as she interacted with the kids. She’s great at it. It was nice to do a low-pressure gig with such a rowdy audience!

Step Back, Baby/Chicka Hanka

November 22, 2008

SSAA. Playground song/American railroading song. We found these songs in a songbook recommended by a Kaia mom. My version’ a little more funky than what’s written! Step Back, Baby is a call-and-response song collected by Keith Knighton from some kids at a Boston playground. It segues nicely into Chicka Hanka, an old railroading song. My version adds vocal and body percussion.

Here’s a video by Kaia from our Roots & Sass show back in 2007. That’s Angela and Ardas rockin’ out on the hand jive.