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  1. Ann Larson says:

    Hi Cairril.
    We don’t know each other, but I’m the person who started the Bloomington Feminist Chorus back in 1986 or 87. I was suddenly curious whether it was still in existence (I’m writing a little bio blurb) and googled it. You, of course, were one of the hits and I remember hearing you perform with the group after I left.

    Latest google reference found for BFC was 2003. Can you tell me if it survived beyond that?

    Another connection: I was in that IWC “silliness” concert (the one with Jamie Anderson, right?) I forgot that IWC put out a CD and will see if I can get one to hear your DV song (I was a volunteer and bd member of MWH when Toby was first hired 🙂

    I’ve been in Vermont for ten years now. If you’re ever inclined to come here to perform (or have you done that already?) I’d be glad to offer you a place to crash and ideas for venue contacts.
    Ann Larson

    • cairril says:

      Hi Ann,

      Thanks for your comments! Your name sounds familiar. I was in the BFC when Janice Bagwell was director. I think Rebecca Keith took over after Janice left, but that’s as far as my knowledge goes.

      The IWC CD is at Amazon — it’s “To Sing Is To Fly.” But if you want to wait a month or so, you’ll be able to download Kaia’s version of “Vow” for free from iTunes/etc. We are in the process of finishing the master and hope to have it available for free download soon after.

      We have several moms with young kids in the group, so we stay pretty close to home. But thanks for the offering of crash space — I’ll keep you in mind if we go on a road trip!


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