Spells for protection and release

March 18, 2012

As noted in my previous post, a woman (let’s call her F) came to me recently with a problem with her ex. Not only was she still enmeshed in the relationship three years after it ended, he was actively using magic to try to force her back to him. She had tried every prayer, talisman, and ritual on her own that she could think of, from a variety of religious and mystical traditions, to no avail.

Needless to say, her ex’s actions were highly unethical, even dangerous. He was going so far as to attempt weather witching with friends to try to curse F. When she became ill shortly after, she became afraid that his spells were working.

Weather witching is a heavy magical working and requires a certain type of person to pull off. It’s not just about power—it’s about having a certain type of magical and even physical presence. It’s not something to be undertaken lightly.

In my opinion, these people are playing with fire. F told me that her ex has been miserable and I’m not surprised. It’s bordering on evil to try to force someone to your will, and all that we do rebounds back to us three times over.

F needed help and she needed it fast. She was utterly spent. We talked at length about the situation and went over a variety of ritual options for her. She guided me in how best to facilitate protection and the increase of her personal power. While this point of view can sometimes veer towards blaming the victim, I told her that she may be giving her power away to these people and it was time to call it back.

What follows is a transcript of the ritual we developed. It relies heavily on prayers from Patricia Monaghan’s The Goddess Companion as well as Valerie Worth’s The Crone’s Book of Words, with Caitlín Matthews, Frank Herbert’s Litany Against Fear, Vivianne Crowley’s Wicca: The Old Religion and the New Age, Ed Fitch’s Magical Rites from the Crystal Well, and some original works thrown in. The aim of our working was to release F from the bonds of the past and to give her a strong, grounded protection so she could embark on her new path, free of the bonds that had enslaved her.

As noted in my previous post, whenever doing magical work, it is vital to abide by the Wiccan Rede: “If it harm none, do what you will.”

A note on terminology: This ritual uses the phrase “So mote it be,” which is another way of saying, “so must it be” or “I will this to happen.”

For these spells to be effective, choose companions whom you trust absolutely to have your back during thick and thin. They are your Guardians through the ritual and help hold the space for your transformation. In this ritual, I acted as High Priestess, but that role could be shared amongst the Guardians if need be.

Gather: Feather, sword, candles, incense, matches, water, salt, lemongrass oil

F moves through space, spreading her aura and intentions. Guardians and High Priestess (HP) move around perimeter, warding off the evil eye (this gesture is sometimes used with the thumb bent outwards) on all sides (including above and below).

Guardians take their places at the Quarters (North, East, South, West). F stands in center while HP clears energy from her using feather. (It’s important to check in with F to determine when she feels clear of negative energy.) F clears the solar plexus chakra by vigorously brushing away tendrils of lingering energy and “polishes the crown.” (This last comes from a Chines discipline and calls for calling the energy up through the body to the space just above the head. Then, just as is if you were wearing a crown, “polish it” by gently moving your hands in circles to either side of its energy on your head. When done, release the energy by flicking your fingers outward three times while gently rocking up onto your toes.)

I will face my fear.
I will allow it to pass over me and through me.
When I turn the inner eye to see its path, there will be nothing.
Only I will remain.

I am my own today; no other one shall steal me away. (Say three times)

All: So mote it be!

HP: Lights main candle and incense
For the good of all, and it harm none!
Let us be at one, at one to celebrate the power, the power which moves the Universe.
For behold, the lords of light have set their stars upon the heavens;
The Earth spins and the Moon holds her course.
We will walk proudly and hold our heads high
For the sky is our father,
And the Earth our mother,
And we are the children of the Gods.

The presence of the Divine Spirit extends everywhere—throughout the many strange, frightening, and magical lands, to all places of wilderness, ordinariness, enchantment, and mystery.

Salutes the North, moves to the East. All turn to the East and visualize.

Our goddess is the Goddess of Beginnings. She breathes the Breath of Life into our starving nostrils. She blesses and witnesses all commencements. She remembers our vows.

Here do we welcome the East, realm of Air. Here do we welcome all Witches who have gone before us, back to the dawning of Art and Time. Sisters of the Old Ways, shapers of destiny, you who do not fear the truth of power, we welcome you to this Circle this night! Lend your aid to our work.

All: Blessed Be!

HP moves to the South. All turn to the South and visualize.

Our goddess is the Goddess of Truth. She burns away ignorance, delusion, and ego-comforts. From the depths of no-thing-ness to the fully realized act of consciousness, her flame burns.

Here do we welcome the South, realm of Fire. Here do we welcome all those of a like mind who wish us well, whether fighters, poets, dreamers, or lovers. Kindred spirits alive with flame and passion, we welcome you to this Circle this night!

All: Blessed Be!

HP moves to the West. All turn to the West and visualize.

Our goddess is the Goddess of Forgiveness. She soothes us with her sacred waters and washes away our bleeding dissonance. Through her gentle love we are reconciled to ourselves. We reveal ourselves, she blesses us. We reveal ourselves, she sets us free.

Here do we welcome the West, realm of Water. Here do we welcome all women who have gone before us, blazing paths in all realms of life and death. Blessed sisters, you who know the communion of sisterhood, we welcome you to this Circle this night!

All: Blessed Be!

HP moves to the North. All turn to the North and visualize.

Our goddess is the Goddess of Power. She pushes us to the still center and demands that we face all our selves. Hers is the power of naming. Hers is the power of integrity. Death, surrender, will, and change are her watchwords.

Here do we welcome the North, realm of Earth. Here do we welcome all our kith and kin who have gone before us and who are with us now. Beloved dead, beloved living, you who are the wings at our backs, blessed be your names for your courage, your endurance, your creativity, and your faith. Dearest ones of blood and heart, we welcome you to this Circle this night! Lend your aid to our work.

All: Blessed Be!

HP moves to center of Circle. Guardians and F face the center. HP casts Circle. Visualize a ring of water like a moat, and then a ring of fire within that. The power of water and flame rise above us and below us so that we are encapsulated in a sphere.

The Circle is sealed, and all within are free to celebrate the Divine Spirit, whom we adore.

All: Blessed Be!

HP stands to side and F stands center. F states her intentions for the ritual, proclaiming to the four Quarters and the Divine Spirit which binds them all. Guardians hold the space.

Knowledge I have, whilst thou hast none;
I can make songs beyond thy tongue;
All of thy offerings first were mine;
I keep my spirit and need not thine.

All: So mote it be!

In this sacred space, our sister F consecrates herself unto herself, in magical presence here.

HP charges the water, charges the salt, then mixes them. She gives the chalice to F.

I shall find wisdom within myself
I shall hear wisdom in all the sounds about me
I shall find courage within myself
I shall find inspiration in all I hear
With this water I cleanse and enliven myself,
And with open eyes choose an uncharted path for my destiny.

F uses the saltwater to annoint as follows:
F: Blessed be my feet, which have brought me in these ways.
Blessed be my knees, which kneel in wonder at the beauty of the cosmos.
Blessed be my womb, without which this race would not be.
Blessed be my breasts, formed in beauty and strength.
Blessed be my lips, which utter words of love.

Take the lemongrass oil and annoint:
F: Bless me, Mother, who is your child.
(Eyes) That I may see your many forms
(Nose) That I may breathe your essence
(Womb) That I may nurture as you have nurtured me
(Feet) That I may walk in your paths
Bless me, Mother, for I am a part of you.

Kiss the hand and touch:
(3rd eye) Let the mind be free!
(Heart) Let the heart be free!
(Womb) Let the body be free!

All: Blessed Be!

F has found herself ground down by the Wheel of the Fates. Tonight we change this destiny and release her into her greatest good. For the good of all, and it harm none, F is released from the past and walks into her best future.

With my breath, I release these thoughts to the Wind.
Breath to breath, Wind to wind.
May the great Wind carry these thoughts far from me, dispersing them, disempowering them.
With each new breath, I invoke serenity.
With each new breath I invoke peace.
With each new breath I invoke faith in my self.
Breath to breath, Wind to wind.
I am a child of Nature,
and her strength sustains me.

All: Blessed be.

My words are one with the great mountains, with the great rocks, with the great trees.
My words are one with my body and my heart.
And with you, day! And with you, night!
My words are one with this world.
I am one with this world.
You all see this, all of you.

F pauses to breathe in her power. All visualize an egg shape of white light surrounding her, with the base going through the floor at her feet and the top arising above her head. This white light is bright but translucent. F is free to allow any energies through, but only energies in keeping with her greatest good.

Brighid of the Mantle, encompass me.
Lady of the Lambs, protect me.
Keeper of the Hearth, kindle me.
Beneath your mantle, take me
And restore me to memory.

Mothers of my mother,
Foremothers strong,
Guide my hands in yours,
Remind me how to kindle the hearth,
To keep it bright,
To preserve the flame.
Your hands within mine, my hands within yours,
To kindle the light, both day and night.

The Mantle of Brighid about me,
The Memory of Brighid within me,
The Protection of Brighid keeping me from harm, ignorance, and heartlessness,
This day and night,
From dawn till dark,
From dark till dawn.

All: Blessed be.

While cradling herself in her arms,
Every day, every night that I praise the Goddess,
I know I will be safe:
I shall not be chased,
I shall not be caught,
I shall not be harmed.
Fire, Sun, and Moon Cannot burn me.
Nor lakes nor stream nor sea can drown me.
Fairy arrow cannot pierce me.
I am safe, safe, safe, singing her praises.

While holding the sword upright:
Who comes to me I keep;
Who goes from me I free;
Yet against all I stand
Who carry not my key.

Lay down the sword
Within the center of my Self,
In the presence of the Divine Spirit and all who dwell within Circle this night,
I stand in my truth.
I call upon the universe to witness my transformation.
I move onto a new path to my greatest destiny,
For the good of all,
For the good of all.
I welcome the change to my life’s path
That leads me into my joyous, creative best self.
I am filled with Life’s power
And I embark in freedom.

Guardians and HP hold hands in a circle around F and chant “F is free!” repeatedly. When F feels full of her power, she chants, “I am free.” At this, the sister-circle bends down, still holding hands, and lowly intones “free.” Keep holding hands and rise in body as we rise in pitch on the word “free,” until we reach up on our toes and release our high-pitched voices and our will and our hands to the universe.

On this sacred night do we bear witness to our sister’s transformation. She is released from the wheel of suffering and comes into her own power.

All: So mote it be!

Everyone takes turns hugging F and welcoming her to her new path.

All within, the time has come to release our Circle to the winds. But know that the power raised here tonight resonates long after. Dear F, know that we are with you in spirit, to call upon at any time of need. We are part of your protection, and we are woven into the spell of your greatest good.

F says a final prayer/intention if so moved.

All face the North.

All beings of North, all beings of Earth, beloved kith and kin, we thank you for your presence in our Circle this night. Celebrate with our sister F, and guard her and guide her in the days and nights ahead. May there always be peace between our realm and yours.

All: Blessed be!

All face the West.

All beings of West, all beings of Water, shining women, we thank you for your presence in our Circle this night. Celebrate with our sister F, and guard her and guide her in the days and nights ahead. May there always be peace between our realm and yours.

All: Blessed be!

All face the South.

All beings of South, all beings of Fire, all those of a like mind, we thank you for your presence in our Circle this night. Celebrate with our sister F, and guard her and guide her in the days and nights ahead. May there always be peace between our realm and yours.

All: Blessed be!

All face the East.

All beings of East, all beings of Air, powerful Witches, we thank you for your presence in our Circle this night. Celebrate with our sister F, and guard her and guide her in the days and nights ahead. May there always be peace between our realm and yours.

All: Blessed be!

HP moves to center of Circle. As she opens the Circle, visualize the rings of water and fire swirling into the night sky and down into the Earth. Feel your own connection to the Earth and Sky.

This Circle is open, but never broken. Love is the law, and love is the bond. May we have straight spines, clear minds, and hearts filled with love and joy!

All: Blessed be!

Ground and feast!

Note: Eating bread is an excellent way to ground the energies raised during ritual. We enjoyed a delicious home-baked bread that was full of texture.

Spells for breaking up with someone

March 18, 2012

I recently had a woman come to me who was still emotionally enmeshed with her ex three years after their break-up. I did some research on the Web for spells to help her finally release herself from the relationship but found to my horror that almost everything I could find was for breaking up someone else’s relationship, or even trying to cause a divorce!

These spells are highly unethical. They will also rebound on the casters three times over, making their own relationships unfulfilling. It is just plain wrong to try to bend another person to your will.

So I turned to my trusty old copy of Ray Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft and found a handparting rite. Alas, it lacks emotional depth. So I created two spells based on simple practical magic for those times when the relationship has officially ended but you find your self unable to let go. The key thing to remember is to focus on freeing yourself from the tendrils that bind you, rather than trying to manipulate the will of your ex. Abide by the Rede: “If it harms none, do what you will.”


Begin your ritual in your customary way, whether it’s by calling the Quarters or casting a Circle or what have you. State your intentions to the Divine. Then briefly tell the story of the relationship. Allow yourself to express any emotions that come up. If you’re still enmeshed, you may still feel sorrow or anger or even nostalgic joy. You will likely feel longing for something which has now passed. Let these emotions come, feel them fully, then let them go.

Candle spell

For this spell, you’ll need three candles and a piece of string. Choose one candle each to represent each of you. The third candle should be black, which is excellent for banishment and dispersement. You’ll also need a fireproof surface of some sort (a trivet might work nicley).

Bind together the two candles representing your and your ex while intoning, “This is the relationship as it was.” Visualize the union of the relationship, warts and all. Be honest with yourself—don’t sugarcoat it.

Light the black candle and say, “This is my choice, this is my power.” Burn through the string so that it falls away from the candles onto the fireproof surface while intoning, “I release my self from this bond, for the good of all, and it harm none.”

Move the colored candles apart. Place the black candle in between them. Say, “This is the relationship as it is now.” Visualize yourself and your ex with some space between you. Feel the freedom that comes as you release the bonds that held you to them.

Start moving the candles apart, placing them a little farther away from each other each time, pausing to visualize more space between you and your ex. Every time you pause, repeat “I am free” and “I release myself.” Continue to visualize yourself as a free and independent being living a full and happy life.

Keep moving the colored candles until they are as far apart as possible, with the black candle still remaining in the center. Allow the candles to burn themselves out (never leave burning candles unattended!), all the while visualizing yourself freely moving onto the next cycle of your path.

Stone spell

This is a more energetic spell that involves less visualization and more practical physicality. For this you’ll need some string and a stone to represent your ex. It should feel a little heavy in the hand but should be small enough that you can enclose it in your fist. You’ll also need a fireproof surface.

Bind your dominant hand with the string while holding the stone in it.

Holding the two of you in your heart and your mind’s eye, say, “I thank [their name] for the gifts and joys our relationship shared. I declare that relationship at an end.”

Unbind your dominant hand while saying, “No longer is my fate bound to hers/his. I am free to go my separate way. I release all ties and step into my power as a separate and free individual. For the good of all, and it harm none.”

Burn the string, visualizing any lingering bonds burning away in purifying fire. Then go outside if you’re not there already and throw the stone away from you as far as you can.


Give thanks to the Divine for lending its aid and call on your guardians and guides to help you maintain your new resolve. In extreme cases, it may be necessary to go cold turkey on the other person for a while, releasing all contemplation of the relationship until you have regained your objectivity. Don’t revert to rehashing old times with your friends. Truly release the relationship back to the Earth and let Mama recycle it in its next form. It’s no longer yours to carry.

I hope these spells are helpful and wish you all the best as you step into your best future! Blessed Be.