Speaking of SoM…

The world of Sound of Music is sunnier than my last depressed post about it. It’s definitely challenging to be back in a musical theatre environment but that’s a really good thing. Rebecca and I continue to finesse the music. The directors are outstanding. The talent is phenomenal. I can indeed do the Sign of the Cross without bursting into flame. Things are looking up.

What’s cracking me up is I have the Gaudeamus in my head all day, every day. Hey, it’s a 24-hour nun-fest! It’s so dramatic and over the top. I love it. I keep picturing these nuns popping up out of the shrubbery and belting, “Gaudeamus!!” at the most inappropriate moments.

“You are sixteen going on—” “Gaudeamus!!! Gaudeamus!!!”

It cracks me up.

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