Lotus—it’s real!

Today Kaia got the official word from Lee Williams–we are singing at Lotus! We have a Friday night gig from 8 to 8:45. Saturday night is a long set from 8:45 to 10pm.

On Saturday we’ll also be giving a workshop on world music at Lotus in the Park. The workshop is an interactive exploration of what shapes world music and what to listen for at Lotus. That sounds really dry but it won’t be.

So I’m avoiding the important bit—how does all this make me feel? Excited. Terrified. And deeply grateful. This is something I’ve wanted since I went to the first Lotus, lo those many years ago. I wanted to be a part of it, to sing, to perform—even if it were on some street corner! And now my chance has come. Funny how this old world keeps spinning around.

My terror is that something will go Horribly Awry. Like we’ll make some massive mistake or series of mistakes. That we won’t be able to stick together. That we’ll be too tired to pull off the Saturday night set. That I’ll make massive mistakes and everyone will know. That no one will come. That everyone will come.  That we won’t be able to reach the audience. That…that…oh, I don’t know, that a meteor will hit. See how many things could go wrong???

The joyful part is imagining feeling confident and excited and really connecting with the audience, no matter what the circumstances. I love that give and take. Anyone who thinks an audience is passive just isn’t paying attention! The “audience” is just as important as the “artists” in creating the overall experience. Lotus audiences are generous and loving. They’re having such a good time that they can’t help themselves!

I remember when my sister came to Lotus and observed, “This is what community is supposed to be like.” And I’ve always felt that there is no bad at Lotus—only good. I can only hope that we give back as much as we’ve taken over the years, so that we can be a wonderful part of that tapestry.

In the meantime, I’ve got some memorizing to do! 🙂

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