Redbird lyrics

Redbird (AKA Deadbird)

Cairril Adaire

© 2008


Redbird, redbird

Settin’ in my tree

Redbird, redbird

Bring my love to me


Won’t you fly free now,

Give my heart ease

Come back to me, oh

Melt the soul of me


Bluebird, bluebird

Singin’ your sweet song

You bring happiness

But you don’ stay long


You’ll go flyin’ free, oh

And tethered here I’ll be

Won’ you come back to me, oh

And sing your joy to me


{guitar interlude}


White bird, white bird

Settle in my trees

You bear no scars

You know only peace


You once stayed with me, oh

But now you’re flyin’ free

Crimson stains my leaves, oh

It’s all that I can see


Blackbird, blackbird

With your broken wings

Blackbird, blackbird

You don’ ever sing


Your heart cries to me, oh

And I’m ready

Soar into this dark night

Take the soul of me


{Redbird / bluebird / white bird / blackbird}

3 Responses to Redbird lyrics

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  2. […] worked some more on the recording of Redbird and sent it off to Kevin for his approval. As soon as I get it, I’ll post it here for free. […]

  3. […] set free Wow, this feels really good: Redbird is ready for release! After months of sitting on the mp3, I’m making it available […]

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