Songs for May Day

Krista Detor is hosting a Beltain bash at her posh estate in the Hamptons. Er, make that “backwoods Bloomington.” I offered to help and, lo and behold, she’s asked me to put together a small band of wandering minstrels who periodically burst into song (just like in Monty Python & The Holy Grail!).

Plus we’ll sing a small set onstage and (hopefully) sing as the May Queens are crowned.

I sent out the call immediately, hoping to get a mix of Kaia and non-Kaia, but only heard yeses from two of my Kaiasistahs! (Thank you, Amy and Tristra!) So I am now frantically trying to find music that will be suitable. Here’s a shortlist, but I’m still doing research:

Lovely Joan
Fise Faise Fo
Hin Hin Haradala
Bando Ribinean
In The Gloaming
Shule Agra
The Farmer (by Wicked Tinkers)
Maids, When You’re Young, Never Wed An Old Man
Lullay, My Liking
The Young May Moon
May Day Carol
Hey, Ho To The Greenwood
Travelers’ Prayer (Susanna & Georgia Rose)
A Czech round that I changed the lyrics to
I Will Give My Love An Apple (19th c. version)

I’m hoping to choose songs next week, so any suggestions in the meantime (fast!) are welcome! 🙂


2 Responses to Songs for May Day

  1. ~Angie says:

    Arrgh… there’s this song in my head that we always sing around the Maypole… it’s called Unite — and we generally sing it twice, while unwrapping the Maypole, we wing it untie…and while dancing it back to wrap we sing the proper unite.

    Words are something like:

    Unite, unite and let us all unite, for summer is coming today. (something here) and wither we are going we all must unite in the merry, merry (something) of May…

    • cairril says:

      ooo, i think i might have the lyrics for this on a chant sheet. of course, i have no idea what the melody is, but that’s what youtube’s for! 🙂 thank you!

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