Freelance solo work

November 23, 2008

1990s-present. Sang in a number of staged theatre works, wrote and performed back-up vocals for alt-rock singer-songwriter Sam Lowry, and did a coffeehouse solo show back in the ’90s that was very fun.

In 2007 I performed La Vie En Rose in a collaborative arrangement with Sophia Travis and Lois Sabo-Skelton for a Democratic Womens’ Caucus annual meeting (the evening was magical—unforgettable).

Collaborated with Lara Weaver, Amy Roche, Kevin MacDowell, and Steve Mascari for a set of music performed at World AIDS Day Memorial, 2007 and 2006. Performed back-up vocals with Angela Berzins for Sophia Travis at a benefit performance, 2006.

Did a number of collaborative pieces with members of Windfall Dancers for their Reflexions series. The most notable were a piece created with Laura Bullock that was based on The Vertigo Tarot, improvisational singing based on an art show, and singing spooky death songs (ooo…) for Kay Olges. I love collaborating with Windfall—they do a fantastic job of converting sound to movement.

Friday Sing

November 23, 2008

Late 1990s. An informal group of ever-shifting talent that got together on Fridays to sing whatever we felt like. Performed In Memory of Everything and at Windfall DancersReflexions series. A lot of fun and taught me a lot about improv. Our complacency led to my eventual founding of Kaia.

Bloomington Feminist Chorus

November 23, 2008

1990s. Sang with the chorus for five years. Singing eventually lead to arranging, writing, and co-directing at times. While not a professional chorus, this group of women helped me remember the goodness of singing with others. They helped ease my transition from exploited child ham to self-obsessed adult ham. So really, you have them to thank.

Singing as a young pup

November 23, 2008

One to eight million years ago. I sang non-stop. Most notable was the National Anthem at Comiskey Park (White Sox) in Chicago. It was supposed to be my big break, a crowd of nearly 23,000, plus the broadcast on network and a nascent cable TV network. They played a beer commercial instead. <sigh> Pride goeth before a fall.

[See the Theatre category for other musical theatre vocal experience.]

I began singing professionally at age 11, with a wide variety of performances in the Northwest Indiana area. I sang at weddings, benefits, nursing homes, private events, charity gigs, and a wide variety of sporting events. I sang extensively in traditional choral settings and small ensembles from an early age in school, church, family, and community choirs.

I received top marks in a variety of categories in numerous NISBOVA / ISSMA state vocal competitions. I have more than 30 years’ experience singing in ensembles. With the exception of a 5-year stint wandering the wilderness after leaving the IU music school with the daggers still firmly in my back, I have lifelong experience performing. I am possibly the world’s largest ham, willing to perform on request in any setting imaginable. Truly.

Roots & Sass (limited edition)

November 23, 2008

2007. A collection of pieces from Kaia’s spring ’07 show, Roots & Sass. The recording quality is not as good as we or the sound engineers would like, so we made this a limited edition and sell it in person only. We’ll be including some of the tracks from this on our next CD, Get Down, Rise Up!

Kaia Live! Spring 2006

November 23, 2008

2006. A live recording of Kaia’s spring show. It’s amazing how much our sound has changed. This is a great snapshot of the time. A good collection of lighter and less intense pieces than we do now. Available for sale at the Kaia website! 🙂

Sam Lowry recordings

November 23, 2008

2003. I wrote and performed the backing vocals on Sam Lowry‘s “Sometimes” off the album The September Letters

“Sam” said he wanted to lay down a gospel choir sound at the end of the piece and have me wail like Mahalia Jackson on top of it. My carefully constructed gospel texture was ultimately smothered by a wailing guitar solo instead of a wailing Mahalia-inspired me solo. I was most disappointed. At which point Sam gave me some sage if pointed advice: “Back-up singers sing back-up.”

Rather than post a postlette, I’ll just add here that in the same series of recordings we made for September Letters, Sam recorded me singing something for a Depeche Mode cover. I don’t recall the song or what I did, but I enjoyed it. How helpful.