Singing as a young pup

One to eight million years ago. I sang non-stop. Most notable was the National Anthem at Comiskey Park (White Sox) in Chicago. It was supposed to be my big break, a crowd of nearly 23,000, plus the broadcast on network and a nascent cable TV network. They played a beer commercial instead. <sigh> Pride goeth before a fall.

[See the Theatre category for other musical theatre vocal experience.]

I began singing professionally at age 11, with a wide variety of performances in the Northwest Indiana area. I sang at weddings, benefits, nursing homes, private events, charity gigs, and a wide variety of sporting events. I sang extensively in traditional choral settings and small ensembles from an early age in school, church, family, and community choirs.

I received top marks in a variety of categories in numerous NISBOVA / ISSMA state vocal competitions. I have more than 30 years’ experience singing in ensembles. With the exception of a 5-year stint wandering the wilderness after leaving the IU music school with the daggers still firmly in my back, I have lifelong experience performing. I am possibly the world’s largest ham, willing to perform on request in any setting imaginable. Truly.


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