Five Days In Berlin

Circa 1989. Co-wrote, -produced, -directed, and acted in Bryan‘s senior thesis work for Indiana University.

Isn’t that a great title? Bry’s idea. The piece was actually a collection of shorts that had a theme holding them together. It included everything from a documentary on the environment to a “what’s wrong with kids these days” scene that we had our moms do. (When my ma momentarily forgot her line, she ad libbed the now immortal line, “That darn government!”)

I love/d working with Bry because we bring such different things to the table. He tends to think in careful, thorough steps whereas I go leaping and bounding ahead in pursuit of Big Ideas. We complement each other creatively and also have lots in common, such as a healthy dose of sarcasm and a healthy respect for dessert. The work we did together in the late ’80s is just about the only thing I remember from those awful years.

2 Responses to Five Days In Berlin

  1. Bryan Richert says:

    Now you’re blogging about me and our fabulous creations?! Will wonders never cease? I was surfing the web, looking to boost my ego in a moment of hopefully momentary unemployment and ran across my tag in your blog. What a nice uplift.

    Though those were not necessarily fun times, the general gushing-forth of ecstatic creativity was refreshing in the midst of madness…it still is — in the midst of the represive new madness I like to call “a career in Hollywood.”


  2. cairril says:

    Just remember that you always plunge into the pits of despair in between gigs, which means this is an excellent time to write poetry! And get out that black beret, it’s been entirely too long.

    You shall overcome!

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