Who is this person?

Cairril Adaire is my performance and pen name, devised while doing numerology during physics class many moons ago. I did not get class credit.

My central passion is {ahem} to create transformative experiences through the performing arts. This intertwines the two strands of Cairril-ness, music and spirituality, into an endless dance like the ribbons of DNA.

But it’s not all about priestessing someone through a mind-blowing experience that initiates them into a new kind of awareness, though that happens sometimes. “Transformative experiences” include laughter, nostalgia, silliness, and the ever-popular “things that make you go ‘hm.'”

I sing, I act, I dance like a spaz, I write (music, scenes, and non-fiction), I lead, I priestess, and I collaborate. I am forever in search of what I experienced in my formative years: a community of peers where we challenge each other to greater creative excellence and have fun while doing so.

Why is this blog here?

I want to acknowledge my creative self, have something to refer people to for the Cairril Adaire me, and also have a place where I can blather freely and not have to worry about my day job.

2 Responses to Who is this person?

  1. Meredith Huntley says:

    Cairril! I have been trying to find a way to contact you. Your arrangement of Sarvam Brahman is beautiful and I’d like to get a copy of the score, if possible. I conduct a very large public school 678 chorus. When arranging, how did you aim for authenticity? Thank you for your amazing work? ~mh

    • cairril says:

      Hi Meredith,
      I’m sorry you’ve had trouble getting hold of me. The melody of Sarvam Brahman was transcribed by Janice Bagwell, a local musician. Kaia did our arrangement, so if you’d like a chart for that you should get our recording transcribed. It’s very easy to do.
      Sing on!

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