The Music Man

Gracie Shinn. My first speaking role (age 12): “It’s the Wells Fargo wagon!” Main Square Players.

I vividly remember this audition. We were in a very long line at a fire station, shuffling slowly along as each kid/adult went to the center of the room and sang “My Country ‘Tis Of Thee.” I was at first perplexed and then disgusted with how quiet and breathy everyone seemed to be. Gregg, Chuckles, and other auditioners slowly sank in the heat, their eyelids drooping. By the time I hit my mark, I was filled with that hell-bent determination I associate with my childhood and I belted the tune right out of the park. Everybody shot straight upright and suddenly the air was abuzz. Everyone wanted to know my name, whether I played anything before, if I could dance…. All because I sang loudly. <– Note for aspiring Broadway players.


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